Artificial intelligence and machine learning are transforming nearly every area of human endeavor—bringing tremendous opportunities as well as profound ethical implications and societal impacts.

The AI.Humanity Initiative brings together the full intellectual power of Emory University to shape the AI revolution to better human health, generate economic value, and promote social justice. 

By hiring and nourishing a community of scholars, creating new educational opportunities, and pursuing the ethical use of AI, Emory will lead the way in realizing the potential of these revolutionary technologies to improve the human condition and advance our world.

Two people in lab coats examining a petri dish

Video: Shaping the future of AI

“Ultimately, AI.Humanity seeks to realize the full potential of technology to shape the human endeavor. We want technology to help us realize the full potential of human beings, expressing themselves as a community informed by values, in a manner that we actively choose and shape.”

—Provost Ravi V. Bellamkonda on the vision for AI.Humanity at Emory

Initiative Focus Areas

Business and Enterprise

Human Health

Law and Social Justice

Arts and Humanities

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