Computing Infrastructure

To support growing AI scholarship, the AI.Humanity initiative’s Infrastructure Advisory Committee has endorsed a multifaceted plan to increase Emory’s scientific computing infrastructure and services.  

This university-wide investment includes the following elements:

Novel High-Performance Cloud Computing Cluster

The Hybrid High-Performance Computing Platform for Education and Research Community Cloud Cluster (HyPER C3) is hosted on Emory's Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment and provides centrally managed, user-friendly, no-cost access to shared high-performance compute partitions and ultra-fast FSx storage. Compute resources are upgraded on a regular cadence and currently include a mix of nodes featuring Nvidia A100 and A10 GPUs, accessible through the popular Slurm job management interface. Emory faculty engaged in computational projects can learn more and apply for access on the HyPER C3 website.

High-Speed Data Transfer and Campus Research Network

High-speed data transfer and campus research network equipment components are being installed in High-speed data transfer and campus research network equipment components are now installed in Emory's Data Center. This infrastructure, termed the Hybrid Scientific Cyberinfrastructure (HySci), extends Emory's secure academic network, and will support user port speeds up to 100 Gbps, with a 400 Gbps backbone bandwidth for qualifying devices. Pilot locations are being onboarded to HySCi early 2024, with a broader rollout expected later in the year. Additionally, Globus data transfer nodes with optimized hardware for large transfers up to 25 Gbps were installed on premises and in the HyPER C3 cluster environment, to facilitate the secure and rapid exchange of data files. Globus service rollout is expected in fall 2024.

High-Performance Computing at Emory Data Center

Following an assessment of the university data center capacity and options for on-premises high-performance compute (HPC) expansion, a plan is being devised to configure a new AI/research computing pod of high-density racks to house a modest amount of additional departmental computing equipment within the limits of the building’s power and cooling infrastructure.

AI.Humanity Infrastructure Advisory Committee

AI infrastructure planning is led by a committee with multi-disciplinary faculty and IT staff representation. Formed in 2023, the committee advises the Office of the Provost and the Office of Information Technology on key aspects of supporting the AI.Humanity initiative with appropriate IT infrastructure and other types of supportive resources.

Committee Co-Chairs

Lanny Liebeskind
John Ellis

Committee Members

Yana Bromberg
Ramnath Chellappa
German Corredor
Monica Crubezy
David Cutler
Judy Gichoya
Jo Guldi
Xiao Hu
Dieter Jaeger
Tony Pan
Zhaohui Qin
Yan Sun
Vaidy Sunderam

Tara Bartelt (Project Manager) 
Kaye-Ann Sadler (Program Director)